Ian Cross was born in Fairfax, Virginia, and traveled abroad for many years before returning to the states to complete his university education. While attending university Ian Cross studied as a printmaker and received his BFA in 2002 and MFA in 2004 from the Ohio State University.

Arriving in Columbus, Ohio

Before I settled in Columbus, I lived abroad as a teen and then hopped around the US for the next decade. My attachment to different people, environments and new cultural spaces probably fueled my reluctance to stay in any one place too long. Initially, I came to Columbus to enter a fine arts program to study ceramics after leaving a ceramics studio in south Texas. That first year I took a step back and reflected on a life that up until that point was always in motion.  My constant traveling had left me with many undefined experiences. Eventually, those experiences found an outlet in the form of experimental drawing practices. The following year I changed my academic focus to printmaking and drawing.


My printmaking and experimental drawing practices have continued and some of these are presented in the Writing Pictures gallery. What began in the form of writing samples had always conveyed the metaphors I appreciated most in artmaking—a direct link between seeing and reading.  In part, I owe this way of seeing from the years I spent traveling immersed in the stylized writings I saw in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. It showed me language is more than something only read.


-Ian Cross