About | Ian Cross Studio & IC Works On Paper

     The IC Works On Paper studio & press is the scribbling, painting, folding, printing and all-around creative workshop helmed by Ian Cross .


    As an artist surrounded by the diversity of Columbus' creative culture, I'm lucky to be in the capital city, as its art scene continues to thrive and expand.




Life In The Studio


        In late 2012, the studio was equipped with a Conrad Multimedia Combo-Press, a dynamic multifaceted printmaking machine. All my traditional printmaking processes: linoleum, wood, intaglio and lithography, can be accomplished on this press.


       Seven years later my projects continue to integrate more paper folding and constructed surfaces with traditional printmaking techniques. As the new studio work and projects develop year to year, my creative focus and habits continue to lean towards more experimental approaches.   For me, the one-off image invites an inventive playfulness to the printmaking process, one that opens up a space for sampling different materials that can be mixed with various printmaking techniques. Each new work on paper embodies a creative quality and uniqueness that is also synonymous with making monoprints. Currently, this method for printmaking remains my primary entry point when making new works on paper.

      The creative destruction involved in the making of monoprints often allows me to discover new artifacts that are sometimes cast off in the debris. These experimental works on paper bring new ideas and often connect me to my most unique visual phrases. In the spirit of this artful wreckage, my artwork can be seen as an act of wondering that embraces the contemporary edges of modern art.


I Love Your Eyes 

     The goal of exhibiting the work here is to reach and grow a larger audience by engaging more people. These galleries offer a glimpse into some my creative detours and visual themes about discovery, whimsy, experimentation, urbanity, and art as a means of mindful exploration. My hope is that the work will encourage new dialogues about our own cultural metaphors and what they may point towards in a meaningful way. 


Thank you for your time & enjoy the works on paper!