Artist Statement 

            I'm not too interested in formal styles, specific histories or artistic movements--there’s a lot of water under the bridge in the world of paint, inkblots, and shadows on the wall. Ultimately for me, images are more like pliable words and phrases that are constantly being remade for a kind of unknown poetic device.

            As a contemporary printmaker, I’m attracted to the elasticity of the medium and this drives me to find new avenues of artistic invention, ones that push me to discover more novel abstracted arrangements. And by repeatedly exploring this idea of a poetic device in my works on paper, the process becomes similar to writing and rewriting, except that the images produced are written in the form of drawing practices.

            Each time I go into the studio to draw, print, paint, fold, assemble and build new works on and from paper, it's the seductive elasticity of these mediums that reconnects me to the process of wondering.